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Match Point Pens
1015 Romany Road, Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 444-2811

If you’re looking for high quality writing instruments made with the finest exotic wood, you’ve come to the right place. Our pens are hand made with 24 kt gold hardware and the finest wood from across the globe.  Each pen is hand-turned, sanded and finished to perfection in our shop in Charlotte, NC.  Being wood lovers, we take pride in creating a writing instrument that you will cherish for a lifetime.  No two pieces of exotic wood are alike, so each pen has its own unique style.  

Whether you are shopping for the graduate, the professional business person, or the wedding party, we have the pen for you. We hope you enjoy our website.

Mark Dillon, Jr.
Match Point Pens

Mark Jr. being interviewed by Ann Sheridan of Charlotte's WCNC

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