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Match Point Pens
1015 Romany Road, Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 444-2811
It all started with a gift.  In 2011, after watching his father help a friend cut pen blanks from his family's barn wood , young Mark Dillon Jr., then age 11, took an interest in pen making.  His father had always wanted to share his 40 year hobby of woodworking with him, and amazingly, a pen making kit showed up under the Christmas tree several weeks later.

Soon the shop was full of dust.  "I would come home from work and hear the lathe running in the garage, which was music to my ears" said Mark's father.  Mark Jr. wanted to test his entrepreneurial spirit as well, and decided to start a business with his family's help. " I made my first pen and took it to school to show my friends and they all wanted to buy one" said Mark Jr.  Combined with his love of tennis, Match Point Pens was established.  Each pen is hand turned, finished, assembled, and tested in the back yard wood shop. Mark Jr. takes pride in each pen made, knowing that every pen will be cherished for a lifetime.
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